About Us

Procarta Biosystems Ltd is developing an innovative new class of oligonucleotide antimicrobial agent to target bacteria causing serious and life-threatening infection.

Procarta’s innovative DNA-based approach is based on a rationally selected drug-development platform that can rapidly generate new therapeutic agents with a pre-determined spectrum of activity to deliver broad, mid or narrow spectrum agents. Our technology combines a pan-bacterial delivery agent with proprietary specific DNA-based antimicrobials that block expression of key bacterial genes.

Procarta’s proprietary platform can provide multiple products for areas of high unmet medical need and we aim to build a company around providing treatment for patients in critical care situations.

Procarta is supported by a UK Innovation and Science Seed fund, Wren Capital, Meltwind and Development Bank Wales.

Our Research

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We are developing novel medicines that are active against resistant bacterial strains, have a controllable microbiological spectrum and are designed by a rapid and rational process.

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