Procarta is currently working on lead optimisation for its first product, a narrow-spectrum agent for the treatment of Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE organisms). CRE organisms are considered the most urgent threat by the US CDC as they show resistance to the vast majority of available antibiotics. In recent times strains have started to appear that are untreatable by any currently available antibiotic. Procarta’s lead candidate, and one backup will be developed for use against such organisms with an aim to begin first-in-man studies within 3 years.


Microbiome research is a new frontier for human health. Our nanoparticulate antibacterials can be designed with Broad-, Narrow- or bespoke spectrums to uniquely rebalance microbiotas. Nanoparticles have already been formulated for oral delivery to the gut and topical application for the skin. Procarta is forming a collaborative network to identify and test the whether the observed associations between certain bacteria, their genetic pathways are causative of disease.