Snare Technology

What is a Snare?

Proprietary nanoparticles deliver an oligonucleotide inside the bacterial pathogen. The oligonucleotide acts as a Transcription Factor Decoy (TFD): it contains the binding site of a transcription factor that controls a large set of genes required for the survival of the bacterium. The TFD acts as a competitive inhibitor to prevent these genes being turned on and so prevents growth and treats the infection.

Tackling bacterial infections

An entirely new concept in antibacterial therapy

Procarta Biosystems has developed a solution to the rising threat of antibiotic resistance: snare antibacterials. A novel type of antibacterial active on all strains irrespective of resistance and designed to suppress the rise of future resistance.

Snare antibacterials: a new way to treat infections

Snare antibacterials rapidly designed to combat resistance

Snares prevent infection by inhibiting essential bacterial genes. This opens up a large number of new therapeutic targets (transcription factors) that are resistance-free even in multiple drug-resistant (MDR) strains.

There are two components to these new therapeutics: an oligonucleotide to block targeted transcription factors complexed in a nanoparticle capable of carrying them to sites of infection and delivering into bacteria.

Nanoparticulate delivery

Procarta with Canadian pharmacy has developed proprietary nanoparticles that deliver oligonucleotide TFD to a wide range of bacteria.

    • Active delivers in vitro and in vivo to MRSA, E. coli, C. difficile and P. aeruginosa.
    • Formulated preclinical data demonstrates efficacy as an iv agent, oral delivery to gut and topical.
    • Stable nanoparticles condense TFD and protect it from degradation in harsh biological conditions.

Refilling the antibacterial pipeline

Procarta’s platform is a truly disruptive technology

Procarta has developed a powerful Platform Technology:

      • Antibacterials designed by bioinformatics – translating genomic sequence to oligonucleotide therapeutic with defined spectrum
      • Nanoparticles are ‘one size fits all’ – deliver to both Gram-positive and Gram-negative pathogens
      • snares can be targeted to sites of infection – nanoparticles can be engineered to treat different indications